How to connect SENCER TWS both earbuds at same time

Simplified Manual for SENCER TWS Bluetooth Earphone

Host earphone=Left earphone Secondary earphone=Right earphone

Section 1:Power on and pairing

Method 1:(Recommended)

Step 1.Take both earphones out of the charging case at the same time

Step 2.Wait until the Right Earphone twinkles in Blue slowly and the Left Earphone twinkles in Red&Blue alternately

Step 3.Turn on the Bluetooth on your devices,and search on BS01 to get it paired

Method 2:(Only in the condition that two earphones are out of the charging case and are powered off)

Step 1.Touch both of the Touch Buttons for 2 seconds at the same time Step 2&Step 3 are the same as Method 1

Section 2:Power off or stand by

Method 1:(Recommended):

Put two earphones back to the charging case,then they will be disconnected with your devices and stand by automatically

Method 2:

Touch either of two Touch Buttons for 5 seconds until you see both earphones turn Red and hear sound “Power Off”

Remark:Only need to touch either of two Touch Buttons to power off both of them(Of course if you touch both of them to power off is also OK)

Remarks:It also supports using with only single earphone,Left or Right.

  1. Youcan connect either of them following the same sections above to power on,pair,power off and stand by(the Right Earphone will twinkle in Red&Blue alternately,and one more BS01 option will be showing on your devices if you only pair the Right earphone)
  2. PLEASE BE NOTED that do not take the other earphone out of the charging case when you are only using one side,otherwise it will cause connection problems in section 3,please put your using one back to the charging case first,then take the other one out,or take both of them

Section 3:Solutions for connection problems(VERY IMPORTANT)

If you are facing any connection problems such as only one side can be connected or both sides can not be connected,please follow the steps below to fix it

Firstly put them back into charging case until both are turning Red,then take both out to pair

If you fail again,then follow steps as below:

Step 1:Delete all of the BS01 options on your Bluetooth devices Step 2:Power off both of the earphones by Method 2 in Section 2

Step 3:Touch both of the Touch Buttons at the same time for 15 seconds until you hear 2 times ”DEN DEN DEN DEN”

Step 4:Follow section 1,you will pair them again successfully.

Thank you for your support to SENCER!