Our story began from 2017.

Sencer brand was launched in Hong Kong with 5 co-founders which aimed to provide the best audio products with the most affordable price.After almost 2 years developing,we have enlarged our team from 5 to almost 100 staff,and of course have achieved a huge success in the domestic market and have embedded it as a highly accepted brand in our customers’ mind.

As brand fame rising up,we are attempting to bid for the international market with our deepest passion.It will be a long way to go,but what we believe is product speaks louder than everything,so we have put our 100% effort to develop and research,only for our customers’ most satisfaction.

Sencer is a reliable brand not just saying from ourselves,but,most importantly,from our customers.

We don’t just sell earphones.

We listen, we research.

We share an amazing audio experience.

Welcome to Sencer / Sencer(Bangalore Branch)!